March 9th, 2011

Photo by Lance Bellers

Theater is a family. A big, rowdy, competitive, loving, hyper-sensitive, dysfunctional family of artists and audiences, producers and press reps, chorus boys and critics, all just hoping to make something special happen on a stage. And then go chat about it over a big, fat martini. This blog is that cocktail conversation. Or at least, I hope it can capture just a bit of its energy—clear-eyed, a little wicked (the twinkle in the eye not the mega-musical) and always celebratory.

Each week, I’ll serve up a different column taking you inside the New York theater scene, as well as on side trips to the thriving world of plays and musicals in London and at regional theaters around the United States. In between, I’ll try to update you on any big news or backstage whispers. If you’re down in the sequined trenches of NYC, I hope you’ll enjoy hanging here with friends and catching up on something you missed in your rush to catch the N train. If you’re from out of town and considering a trip to the Big Apple, I’ll give you the scoop that jumps you off the tourist track and onto the stage.

Why me? I guess you can click on my bio and decide for yourself. But more than any credits, I’m writing this because I love theater. I’ve been in the audience, backstage and on stage (and even hanging suspended somewhere above all three); I look forward to communicating the hard work and the sheer joy of what it’s like and give you an intimate look at the dedicated people that make it happen.

So, slide into the booth, order your cocktail and let me introduce you to some of my friends, peers and idols.  Oh, and I almost forgot, welcome to the family!

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