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One Tap at a Time

April 4th, 2011

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I don’t know about you but I needed a little smile today. And some tapping. And some dance pants. Count on 70’s sitcom star (and serious Broadway vet) Bonnie Franklin to come to the rescue with her wonderfully loopy entry in the 1980’s celebrity exercise tape sweepstakes, I Hate to Exercise. I Love to Tap. Have there ever been eight truer words in the English language? Since when did Little Orphan Annie steal Dorothy’s shoes and start dressing like a Parisian street mime? After the jump, let her time step your tush off.

Admit it, you can’t get enough of Bonnie’s dancing feet. Now, watch her and a troupe of divinely 70’s performers take on the title song from Applause, the musical based on All About Eve which starred Lauren Bacall. Warning: there are exposed derrieres and Bonnie is dressed like Shaggy; I’m not sure which is more disturbing.

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