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And Now a Song from Our Sponsor…

May 13th, 2011

Catch Me If You Can is sleek, sexy and cutting-edge. Well, not the show exactly (though it is certainly slick and entertaining); I’m talking about their new TV commercial. Employing actual special effects, fun camera work and an eye-catching design, the ad signals that the Broadway marketing agencies are finally upping their game, after years (let’s admit it) where show commercials had that “filmed between matinees by the high school AV club” look. Sure, there are still plenty of ads that slap a Ken Burn’s affect on publicity stills (How to Succeed) or fling a camera around the marquee and get audience testimonials (Baby It’s You), but there does seem to be a general turn toward more professional and innovative advertising.

But, just for old time’s sake, let’s look back at a few of my favorite wild and weird Broadway commercials from days gone by. Fire up the VCR…

This ad for Grease is pathologically concerned that people will no longer see the live show once the movie hits screens. I’m more concerned that the young lady needs to think twice about dating scrubbed young men who like musical theater a little too much.

What do you do when you don’t want to shoot a new commercial every time a new star steps into the leading lady role? Why, use diva-cam! It’s almost as if you are Elaine Paige.

Nothing says music theater like a location shoot. In Jersey. (Actually, it looks damn good if decidedly odd. I keep waiting for a frisbee to fly into view from the family picnic happening just off-camera.)

Bodice ripping. Jack Wagner. A Bay Watch joke. My friends, this series of commercials has all I need.

“There’s never been another musical like her.” Indeed.

Um, how excited are we for the return of Carrie?

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