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May 18th, 2011

Every third Wednesday (hump day of the hump week), a fabulous actor/singer/dancer currently on Broadway will fill out my nosey little questionnaire and offer a glimpse of what they look like from a bit closer than the mezzanine. And Mr. May is…

Photo by Sophie Cao.

Name: Andrew Cao

Hometown: De Pere, Wisconsin

Current Show/Role: “Luke” in Anything Goes

The best part of the show I’m in now is… the tap number.  Peering out into a sea of bouncing-around-in-their-seats audience members and watching them erupt at the end is exactly how I have always imagined performing on Broadway would be. … the backstage antics.  I definitely spend more time offstage in this show than I do onstage, which gives me and my partner in crime, Mr. Raymond J. Lee, ample opportunity to run around like idiots. … the company.  What a blessing it is to love coming to “work” every night.  Everyone involved in this show is awesome.

The worst job in show business I ever had was…a non-equity, educational Shakespeare tour in some of the most underprivileged schools in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  A typical day might have happened like this:  1. Wake up at 5am and load a smelly, 15-passenger van full of set pieces and costumes in 8-degree February weather.  2. Travel to venue, unload, and set up to do Romeo & Juliet by 8:00am. (no actor should be required to perform a tragedy until, at the very least, The Price Is Right has aired.  That should be a rule.  Seriously.)  3. Barrel through the show, despite the 300 teenagers who would much rather be at home watching The Hills or Flavor of Love with Flavor Flav.  4.  Ignore a fifteen-year-old and his equally distracting cohorts who yell, “Rape The Bitch!” as you enter for the final emotional scene where Romeo discovers Juliet’s lifeless body.  (No kidding.  This really happened.)  5.  Do a post-show discussion where you field such riveting questions as “I didn’t get it?” and “Are you guys gay?”  6.  Pack the set and costumes back into the van, travel to the next venue, unload, and do it all over again.  7.  Finally arrive back home 12 hours after you left and figure out what you’re going to do with the $15 you made that day.

Photo by Sophie Cao.

If I wasn’t an actor, I would be… an artist.  I loved drawing while growing up.  I got heavily in to cartoons and comics until I was bit by the theatre bug in high school.  I haven’t done a ton of it since then, but I bet I could still draw a pretty bad-ass Ninja Turtle.

Porter, Hammerstein or Sondheim? Yes.

The best post-show cocktail in town is at… I don’t really drink (lame, I know) so I unfortunately have no idea where the best post-show cocktail in town is located.  I can tell you where the best between-show meal in town is at, though:  Chipotle.  There is no end to my insatiable appetite for chicken burritos.

After you’ve hit all the traditional sites of New York City, you should totally go to… any post office in the greater New York City area, because after you’ve experienced the stellar attempt at customer service from a New York Postal Employee, everything else will seem like heaven in comparison.

If I could live anywhere else in the world it would be… closer to Midtown.

Board shorts, speedo or skinny dip? Board shorts.  And aqua socks.  With those little floatie things around my arms.  And a snorkel.

My workout “secret” is… stay away from a girl named Little Debbie.  She is an evil temptress who will lure you into obesity with her delicious zebra cakes and irresistible oatmeal cream pies.

When I’m looking for a date, nothing attracts me more than… an extensive knowledge of furniture upholstery and above-average sword collections.

Photo by Sophie Cao.

When I’m web-surfing, the site I’m most likely to be on is… well… all right.  Facebook.  You know, I’m not exactly certain why I–along with seemingly everybody else–am so embarrassed to admit to my frequent Facebooking.  I think Facebook is great.  There.  I’ve said it.

Pick a Stewart: Jon, Rod or Martha? Rod.  Definitely Rod.

People would be surprised to learn that I… golf.  I have an identical twin brother.  I’ve never held a baby.

When I was 10, I wanted to be just like… my Uncle and my big brother.  They made being smart seem cool.

Ten years from now, I’d like to… still be able to feel like a six-year-old from time to time.

Cape, mask, or spandex tights? A mask.  One that looks like Rod Stewart.

Check out more photography by Sophie Cao.

Photo by Sophie Cao.

Backstage at "Anything Goes".

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