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Raindrops on Rosemary’s Baby

June 23rd, 2011

Image via Youtube.

The film version of The Sound of Music is so iconic, so ingrained in our collective consciousness, that it feels immovable, inviolate–a solid totem of granite clothed in floral-curtain lederhosen. It is, has been and always will be.

That’s what makes this brief audition video all the more shocking and hilarious and unsettling. Someone other than Charmain Carr could have played Liesl! And one of those someone’s was Mia “Rosemary’s Baby, Woody Allen, a singing troupe worth of children of her own” Farrow!  I need my smelling salts.  Next thing you know, someone will tell me that Julie Andrews has a wickedly funny potty mouth and…what? She does? I need to lie down and think of whiskers on kittens.

After the jump, watch this special feature from The Sound of Music 40th Anniversary DVD, a young Mia Farrow sing a little ditty about not quite being 17…

Thank you, Kay, for bringing this into my life!

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