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Barry Bostwick Jumps for My Love

July 25th, 2011

Barry Bostwick and Friends. Image via YouTube.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter…

It’s been awhile but I haven’t given up on my fiery passion for odd Broadway-themed workouts. (Right, Bonnie? Are you listening, Les Miz guy?  Mrs. Partridge, you can stop clenching.) And what better way to return to the burn than an 80’s song-and-dance aerobics routine to a Pointer Sister’s cover starring the original Danny from Broadway’s Grease, Barry Bostwick. It would seem that this number was from an NBC Olympics special but to try to make any coherent sense of it is fool-hardy; it exists on a higher plane of understanding than we mere mortals can fathom. Is that the legendary Gwen Verdon (Sweet Charity) on the same stage with a frightened, beat-counting actress from Gimme a Break? Is that Paula Kelly pouring on manic, pop-lock charm to remind casting directors that she was in Sophisticated Ladies on Broadway, damnit? Could thoroughbred dancer Sandahl Bergman (All That Jazz) really be sweating next to the poodle-shag of Audrey Landers (correction: It’s Judy! Even better.)? Best of all, the surely Emmy-nominated supporting performance by Bostwick’s dance belt. Splits, baby, splits.

Work it out for yourself after the jump…

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