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Sondheim and Cast of “Follies” Signing Album Tomorrow

November 30th, 2011

Jenifer Foote, Danny Burstein & Kiira Schmidt. Photo by Joan Marcus.

Calling all Broadway Babies!

If you’re in New York City tomorrow, you can buy the newly released two-disc recording of the current Broadway Follies and get it signed by Bernadette Peters, Jan Maxwell, Danny Burstein, Ron Raines, Elaine Paige and–drumroll, please–the usually personal-appearance-shy Stephen Sondheim! Members of the critically-acclaimed cast and the legendary composer will be at the Barnes and Noble store at 86th & Lexington for one-on-one time with their fans from 4pm until 5:30pm, on December 1st only.

Now, an event as unusual as this one has some very strict rules which I will copy directly from the press release [followed by my commentary] because…well…they are serious about this thing. I mean, after reading the announcement, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are FBI background checks and full body scans going on in the “Home and Garden” aisle.  Let me quote:

  • The new Broadway cast recording of FOLLIES will be available for purchase at Barnes and Noble on the day of the signing. [Translation: If B&N is gonna foot the bill for this event, they wants their cut.]
  • Only the cast album will be signed that day – no additional materials or memorabilia. [Leave that VHS copy of The Jerk at home; Bernadette isn’t signing it.]
  • Photos and recordings of any kind are strictly prohibited at this event. [“No, Mr. Security Person, I’m not recording my encounter with the greatest music theater composer of all time; I’m just talking on my iPhone…while pointing it at him.”]
  • Multiple CD’s can be purchased that day, but only one (1) CD will be signed per person. [I’m giving myself the signed album for Christmas; Aunt Ida’s getting a gift card from Cracker Barrel.]
  • The signing will end promptly at 5:30 p.m. and waiting in line does not guarantee the purchase of or signing of the CD. [The cast needs to warm up for the show. And get away from the crazies in line before another fan shouts, “Oh my god, I can’t believe it’s really you! It’s like I’m losing my mind!”]
  • CD’s will be sold and autographed on a first-come, first-serve basis while supplies last. It’s recommend that those interested in purchasing or having their cd signed get to Barnes & Noble early. [Dig out your Into the Woods pup tent and some leg warmers; you’re camping out tonight.]

Good luck and see you at the signing!

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