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“Striking 12” Strikes Again

December 19th, 2011

GrooveLily. Photo by Leslie Lyons.

Screwed up people make great art..or so says a song from the lovely (and rocking) holiday musical Striking 12. Ergo, the writers of the show–Brendan Milburn, Rachel Sheinkin and Valerie Vigoda–should be absolute basket cases.¬†Well, I hate to be picky but they lied. I can’t vouch for Ms. Sheinkin but Brendan and Valerie are two of the nicest, most talented people in the music theater biz.

The questionable veracity of their lyrics aside, their show is an entertaining, one-of-a-kind combo of indie rock concert and touching holiday fairy tale (though secular…the holiday is New Year’s Eve), with enough bah-humbug cynicism and fourth-wall-breaking humor to keep it well out of saccharine territory. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s returning to New York for eight performances only, December 26-31, at the Metropolitan Room. Even better, Brendan, Valerie and drummer Gene Lewin who make up the band GrooveLily are performing the show themselves in the Big Apple for the first time in three years. It’s a must-see opportunity.

Now I can’t get that song (inspired by Hans Christian Anderson) out of my head, so I’m going to make you hear it, too…

In addition, in my continuing obsession with foreign translations of American musical theater, I found this promo clip from a production currently playing, I believe, in Finland. Awesome!

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