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Oscar Nominees on Broadway

January 26th, 2012

Thank your agent, Mom and Harvey Weinstein because it’s Oscar nomination week. And just because we’re devoted to the “theatah,” it doesn’t mean we can’t get obsessed about the flickers, too; there are plenty of connections to be made between the two forms:

  • Jessica Chastain & Michelle Williams in Williamstown Theatre Festival's "The Cherry Orchard". Photo by Richard Feldman.

    Remember that moment in your high school play when you looked over at a friend during a particularly compelling moment of The Crucible and said, “You and me, we’re going to be at the Oscars together.” Sure, it was a stretch (as was your 14 year-old, white friend playing “Tituba”) but for some people, it does actually come true. Look at that little old picture to the right. That’s Jessica Chastain (nominated for Best Supporting Actress in The Help) and Michelle Williams (nominated for Best Actress in My Week with Marilyn) playing opposite each other in a Williamstown Theatre Festival Production of The Cherry Orchard, circa 2004. At the time, Chastain was an unknown Julliard grad with some episodic TV on her resume and Williams was the other girl on Dawson’s Creek. What a difference a few years can make.

  • Extra! Extra! Get your EGOT here. (That’s an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony for those who don’t know their Rita Moreno history.) Among this year’s Oscar nominees that have a shot at building EGOTs are Tony-winners Glenn Close (3 Tony wins including Outstanding Actress in a Musical, Sunset Boulevard), Viola Davis (Outstanding Actress in a Play, Fences & Outstanding Featured Actress in a Play, King Hedley II), Christopher Plummer (Outstanding Actor in a Play, Barrymore & Play), Janet McTeer (Outstanding Actress in a Play, A Doll’s House), producer Scott Rudin (5 wins including Outstanding Musical, The Book of Mormon), and screenwriter John Logan (Outstanding Play, Red). If only Plummer recorded some house music, he’d have that Grammy, too.
  • How’s this for a sprint: if (and oddsmakers say it’s a whopper of an if) War Horse were to win Best Picture, it would be the first time a property won the Best Play Tony Award and the top award for film within less than a year. Of course, Jessica Chastain could be the Joey of 2013; she’s up for an Oscar now and would be eligible for the Tony for the upcoming revival of The Heiress a little over a year later.
  • Meryl Streep was on Broadway and is nominated this year for The Iron Lady. I don’t have an interesting factoid; I just feel it is unseemly to talk Oscars and not to mention Meryl.
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