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“You Like Me” Skewers Award Speeches

February 21st, 2012

Bradford Louryk. Photo by Aaron Epstein.

Are you ready for this Sunday’s Academy Awards telecast? (I’d call it the gay Super Bowl but after Madonna’s halftime show and the Beckham underwear ads, this year’s actual Superbowl felt like a happy hour in Hells Kitchen.) Those with a theatrical bent and a love of camp can warm up for Hollywood’s big night with You Like Me: An Evening of Classic Acceptance Speeches at Ars Nova, February 25.

Created by Rachel Shukert and Michael Shulman, the annual event features a host of New York underground talent (Kenny Mellman of Kiki & Herb, Michael Musto, the bedazzled Varsity Interpretive Dancers) doing readings of famous–and infamous– EGOT speeches. Somehow, the performances are less cruel celebrity impersonations and more alternate universe reinterpretations that reveal the delicious train wreck combo of excitement, ego and terror beneath the best/worst acceptance speeches. (Face it, we all might implode if we had to speak on stage in front of a billion television viewers.) This year, I’m particularly excited about Drama Desk Winner Bradford Louryk‘s promised take on Melissa Leo’s profanity laden Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress.)

For us theater lovers, check out video clips from a past edition of You Like Me featuring a trio of Broadway divas going wonderfully off the rails during their big moments:


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