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THEATER BUFF: Christopher Johnstone of Ogunquit Playhouse & More

July 19th, 2012

We’re continuing our special double header, taking a look at the boys of summer — summer theater, of course. After tumbling head over heals for yesterday’s buff, today’s talented performer is sure to leave you singing…

Christopher Johnstone. Photo by Kevin Thomas Garcia for NEXT Magazine.

Name: Christopher Johnstone

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA

Recent & Upcoming Shows/Roles: Just closed “South Pacific” at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine playing Lt. Cable. Two upcoming concerts with the Indianapolis Symphony on July 20th & 21st featuring broadway classics such as “Music of the Night”, “Some Enchanted Evening” and more!

The best part of doing summer theater is: Getting out of the hot city and exploring a new place.

The most challenging job in show business I ever had was: Performing Pirates of Penzance at Glimmerglass Opera one summer in 102 degree weather on a two show day without air-conditioning. Most of us had on thick wool costumes and boots, the ladies: corsets and full dresses, all of us drenched in sweat, actors dropping like flies while everyone in the audience panted and fanned themselves like crazy people.

If I wasn’t an actor, I would be: Dead, rotting in my grave.

Places, Intermission or Curtain Call? Curtain Call. Sometimes it’s the first time in the show when everybody in the show is onstage at the same time and you get to celebrate all the hard work. I love seeing the audience’s response and seeing who’s out there.

When I’m working out of town, my suitcase always has: Gym clothes. I’m very active. Love playing sports and working out.

Christopher Johnstone. Photo by Paul Burlingame.

The restaurants/shops/attractions I miss most when I’m not in New York
 City are: That’s tough! There are SO many. A few favs: Amy’s Bread, Casellula in Hells Kitchen, Think Coffee in Chelsea, shopping and eating in the Meat Packing District, and exploring Central Park.

The best city to visit on the road is: Seattle. It is surprisingly amazing. The layout of the city is genius with a happening downtown, live music and theater, efficient local transit, amazing restaurants like my favorite: Purple Café & Wine Bar, the famous Pike Place Fish Market, great coffee and beautiful scenery. Make sure to check out the nearby San Juan Islands. They are pristine and stunning!

Christopher Johnstone. Photo by Jenn Hoffman.

My favorite Summer Olympics event is: Ooooh tough, I used to be a swimmer so I’m into Men’s Swimming, but like many people I’m obsessed with Women’s Gymnastics.

My workout “secret” is: Implants. J/k. There are so many things I recommend, but one thing that always makes a difference is to stay focused. Sometimes I imagine my trainer is right there barking at me to get that important last rep.

When I’m looking for a date, nothing attracts me more than: Intelligence and a kind face. But great legs will most definitely grab my attention.

My favorite website to visit that you may not have heard of is:!!!!

Board Shorts, Speedo or Skinny Dip? It’s been a natural progression. I went from a speedo as a swimmer growing up to board shorts when my family moved to southern California to the most fun: the skinny dip.

People would be surprised to learn that: I’m an Eagle Scout.

When I was 10, I wanted to be just like: My dad! And a secret agent.

Ten years from now, I’d like to be: Happily spending my time between New York and L.A. with a few lead roles on Broadway under my belt and starring in a singing role on a major TV show.

Pick a Summer: Sanders, Donna or Suzanne (Somers…but close enough)? Donna Summer Rest In Peace.

Christopher Johnstone & Hsin-Yu Liao in "South Pacific". Image via

President Bush & Christopher Johnstone backstage at "South Pacific". Photo by Neil McMahon.

Christopher Johnstone. Photo by Paul Burlingame.

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