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Bringing the Curtain Down on Act One

December 28th, 2012

Photo by Lance Bellers

Is there anything better than a perfectly written and performed Act One closing number — that thrilling high that sends you off to intermission in a euphoric state of satisfaction mixed with anticipation?

Well, I don’t know if I can provide that kind of tingle (at least without buying you dinner first), but welcome to The Broadway Blog’s Act One closer.  After two years of planning and viewing and writing and hair pulling and tears and truly spectacular theater, today is my last day as editor of this blog. The bad news: I won’t be sharing my love of theater with you every day. The good news: I’m taking a step back so I can devote myself more fully to my own theater writing.

But never fear, this isn’t one of those new fangled, intermissionless shows designed for the ADD-generation; The Broadway Blog will return in the New Year for Act Two! And leading the kick-lines will be the deliciously talented Matthew Wexler as your new editor-in-chief.  I’ll still be around, too, adding my two cents as an ongoing contributor. In fact, I like to think this is just the fulfillment of the mission statement I shared on the first day: to capture that sense of family in the theater world with celebratory, fizzy, fun coverage. Just think of this as an expansion of our family and pull up another chair.

Before I “go” I want to say a big thank you to Robert & Don at Passport Magazine for supporting this crazy endeavor and being my biggest cheerleaders. Most importantly, thank you to my regular readers; it has been a pleasure raising a post-show Manhattan (top shelf, up and extra cherry, please) with you. Here’s to more unforgettable nights at the theater.

Now, on to the Act One closing numbers; I couldn’t choose just one favorite…

Your turn!  In the comments below, tell me your favorite Act One closers…

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