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We Love You Broaday, Part II

February 11th, 2013

As part of this week’s series of our favorite Broadway love songs, I turned to Broadway producer extraordinaire, Eva Price. Her Broadway producing credits include “Annie,” “Peter and the Starcatcher” and “Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony” among others.

Our little secret: Eva’s got a soft spot for some of the best Broadway ballads as well as a couple of quirkier picks — a sure sign that she’s got an eye for what will be the next big hit. Here are some of her favorites…

“As Long As Your Mine,” Wicked
“This is a gorgeous, sexy, passionate song. Out of context it’s gritty and somewhat sexual. And then you stop and think, two people of two different races (essentially) who aren’t necessarily supposed to be together are so fused by desire that they are tearing each other’s clothes off, AND singing to each other. Totally beautiful!”

“Little Fall of Rain,” Les Miserables
“A totally heartbreaking moment. Unrequited love always gets me and this is a raw, real, and tragic ending to a love that will never be. Whoever sings this song (Broadway, West End, movie… even amateur productions that I’ve seen) blows my mind and breaks my heart with those killers voices and emotional delivery.”

Take the jump for more of Eva’s picks…

“Mixtape,” Avenue Q
I mean, who doesn’t LOVE getting and giving mix tapes to the person you are crushing on. It’s adorable!

“You’ll Never Get Away From Me,” Gypsy
Gypsy is my favorite musical of all time and this is the closest thing to a love song in the show. It’s also very sweet and very ‘Rose’… who I sometimes identify with. (The strong-willed and driven side of her, not the maniac side!)

“You Must meet My Wife,” A Little Night Music
“I like this song because it’s saccharine sweet at moments, and then it flips itself on its head with sarcasm and snarkiness the next moment. Brilliant! A song that has ‘you must meet my wife’ and ‘let me get my hat and my knife’ in the same verse is an obvious winner.”

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