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THEATER BUFF: Claybourne Elder of “Venice”

June 26th, 2013

Every third Wednesday of the month (OK, we’re a week late this month), a fabulous actor/singer/dancer fills out contributor Tom Mizer’s nosey little questionnaire and offers a glimpse of what he looks like from a bit closer than the mezzanine. For June, we’re bursting with pride over this sweetheart of man of the month…

Claybourne Elder. Photo by Andrew Parsons.

Claybourne Elder. Photo by Andrew Parsons.

Name: Claybourne Lorenzo Elder, the third

Hometown: Springville, Utah

Current Show/Role: Michael Victor in Venice

The best part of the show I’m in now is: I LOVE getting to work on new plays. My degree is in dramaturgy so development gets me really excited. This play breaks a lot of boundaries of story telling and musical styling so it’s pretty dreamy for me.

The most challenging job in show business I ever had was: I played a dancing lion in a show that taught kids about orchestras. Each character represented a different section of the orchestra, mine was the percussion. My name was Bang the Lion. Enough said.

If I wasn’t an actor, I would be: A pastry chef. No, a travel writer. No, I would own a bed and breakfast.

Places, Intermission or Curtain Call? Plintermissall. I love them all too much to choose.

The best pre-show dinner and post-shot cocktail in town are at: A friend of mine recently introduced me to Mile End Sandwich on Bond street and I am totally addicted. I need some meat and carbs before a show and they have the most delicious sliced steak sandwich anywhere. For drinks I can frequently be found at Stecchino for a Moscow mule in a brass cup. It tastes better in the brass cup and they only have a few of them so you have to be lucky to get one!

Claybourne Elder with Aaron Tone, Wes Taylor, Robin de Jesus in "The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me". Photo by Monica Simoes.

Claybourne Elder with Aaron Tone, Wes Taylor, Robin de Jesus in “The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me”. Photo by Monica Simoes.

After you’ve hit all the traditional sights of New York City, you should totally go to: The Strand below Union Square. I love books and there’s no better place to wander. I always trust their staff selections.

If I could live anywhere else in the world it would be: Rome. It’s the second best city in the world. Especially from midnight to dawn.

Claybourne Elder in "One Arm". Photo by Serge Nivelle.

Claybourne Elder in “One Arm”. Photo by Serge Nivelle.

Pick a June: singer June Carter Cash, actress “Baby” June Havoc, or TV Mom June Cleaver? Well, my in-laws are related to June carter and I’m a Johnny cash fan so she’s my June!

My workout “secret” is: I live with my trainer Amanda Wheeler who’s a trainer at Mark Fisher Fitness. She’s crazy and awesome and innovative. And when I’m about to have a hard day she literally applauds me as I leave the house saying ‘Woohoo! Best day! Best life! Yeah!’ Haha, it always makes me smile.

When I’m looking for a date, nothing attracts me more than: a smarty pants.

My favorite website to visit that you may not have heard of is: The Art of Manliness at with articles like How to Shave Like Your Grandpa, How to Hunt Small Game If You’re Stranded in the Wilderness, The Importance of Rough Housing With Your Kids, I’m always interested in what this site has to say.

Claybourne Elder in "Into the Woods". Photo by Don Ipock.

Claybourne Elder in “Into the Woods”. Photo by Don Ipock.

Board Shorts, Speedo or Skinny Dip? I think each has it’s appropriate location. Board shorts at the beach (except fire island), speedo at the pool (except in family situations), skinny dipping at the lake (except during the daytime).

People would be surprised to learn that I: how about this: I’ll give you two truths and a lie and y’all can guess 🙂 1. I am a certified bee keeper. 2. I did an ‘amazing race’ style trek from Singapore to Beijing. 3. I have a third nipple.

Ten years from now I’d like to be: A dad. Of two if I can convince my husband.

When I was 10, I wanted to be just like: My dad. He’s the best person I know. And we just celebrated his 80th birthday!!

We’re celebrating LGBT Pride this month at the Broadway Blog; what is your “proudest” accomplishment? That in one year’s span I was married, my brother married his boyfriend and our families all showed up to support us. Also, our weddings were pretty awesome.

Venice runs through June 30 at the Public Theater.

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