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THEATER BUFF: Joshua Buscher of “Big Fish”

September 18th, 2013

Every third Wednesday of the month, a fabulous actor/singer/dancer fills out contributor Tom Mizer’s nosey little questionnaire and offers a glimpse of what he looks like from a bit closer than the mezzanine. For September, we’ve fallen for our man of the month — hook, line and sinker…

Joshua Buscher. Photo by Kevin Thomas Garcia.

Joshua Buscher. Photo by Kevin Thomas Garcia.

Name: Joshua Buscher

Hometown: I was born in St. Charles, Missouri, but I grew up in Littleton, Colorado.  Now that I moved to New York my parents moved to North Carolina… I consider it the town where my home is!

Current Show/Role: I’m currently in Big Fish.  I’m the Dance Captain/Fight Captain/Swing

The best part of the show I’m in now is: Working with this cast and creative team. The process of creating and building a new Broadway musical is beyond daunting, but when you have a group of people that are this creative, talented, and most of all genuinely nice, it makes it go a little bit smoother.

The most challenging job in show business I ever had was: Serving tables for a pre-show crowd! I’m considering this a show business job because I was an actor every night.  You have to be everything for those people, and let me tell you… they’re a tough crowd! Thankfully I haven’t  had the need to go back!

If I wasn’t an actor, I would be:  A journalist, haha. I only laugh because I don’t believe that would have ever happened. I was originally a Journalism major in college, and learned right quick that was not the path for me.

Joshua Buscher. Photo by Kevin Thomas Garcia.

Joshua Buscher. Photo by Kevin Thomas Garcia.

Places, Intermission or Curtain Call? Places. I love the energy that word brings to people. You don’t know what will happen that night and how the audience will react, but that’s the best part about live theatre.

The best pre-show dinner and post-shot cocktail in town are at: Sosa Borella (50th and 8th) conveniently close to the Neil Simon. They have great martinis and food. Post show, I love Casellula (52nd between 9th and 10th). It has an amazing wine selection and great cheese pairings!

Joshua Buscher at Broadway Bares. Photo by Jenny Anderson.

Joshua Buscher at Broadway Bares. Photo by Jenny Anderson.

After you’ve hit all the traditional sights of New York City, you should totally go to: Brooklyn! I live in Brooklyn and there are so many great things to do and great restaurants to eat at. On the weekends I like to go to Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg (North 7th and Wythe) for great food and vintage shopping. Best Bars: Commodore, Skinny Dennis, Radegast, Basik. Best restaurants: Allswell, Masion Premiere, Fiore, La Superior. (all in the Williamsburg area)

If I could live anywhere else in the world it would be: Australia. I’d love to become a surfer and live life on the beach!

The kids have gone back to school, pick your favorite place of learning: Grease’s Rydell High, Saved by the Bell’s Bayside, Felicity’s University of New York? This is hard.  I’d love to go to Rydell where a song and dance could break out at any moment, but those acid washed jeans, and pink tank tops at Bayside look pretty good on me!  I’m gonna have to go with Saved by the Bell.

My workout “secret” is: The constant reminder that I’m wearing a white leotard on a Broadway stage.

When I’m looking for a date, nothing attracts me more than: I’ve been out of the dating scene for a long time, and I found a person who checks all the right boxes. Kind, funny, smart, and sexy as hell!

My favorite website to visit that you may not have heard of is: I love real estate, and love looking at apartments that I could never afford. I can dream though.

Joshua Buscher. Photo by Jeff Eason.

Joshua Buscher. Photo by Jeff Eason.

Boxer, Brief or Commando? All the above, depending on the day and outfit, different underwear is required.

People would be surprised to learn that I: Love watching the Wheel of Fortune. When my schedule permits, I watch it every day. I also have the game on my iPad!

Ten years from now I’d like to be: A journalist. Sorry for the ongoing personal joke with myself.

When I was 10, I wanted to be just like: Dominique Moceanu. I was a gymnast for eight years before I ever danced, but I was always jealous of the female gymnast. They used music for their floor routines and the men never did. To make my dreams come true, I would tumble around in my back yard to the Mission Impossible theme song. This also led to years of my male classmates picking on me. But hey, life comes full circle, now I get to wear a white leotard like she did and dance around. My dream is complete 🙂

Summer officially ends this weekend; what’s your favorite summer memory? I had the best end to the summer. The weekend before Labor Day, my friends and I had a Slip ‘n Slide party on a roof in Brooklyn. We had a a giant blow up Slip ‘n Slide, a kiddy pool, BBQ, music, and corn hole (only the best party game ever) it was a great way to end the summer season.

Catch Joshua in Big Fish, now in previews.

Joshua Buscher. Photo by Kevin Thomas Garcia.

Joshua Buscher. Photo by Kevin Thomas Garcia.

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