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Gavin Creel Wins Olivier for “Book of Mormon”

April 14th, 2014 Comments off
Gavin Creel in "Book of Mormon" (photo: Alastair Muir) via The Broadway Blog.

Gavin Creel in “Book of Mormon” (photo: Alastair Muir) via The Broadway Blog.

The Olivier Awards (London’s equivalent of the Tonys) were handed out this weekend to the latest crop of musicals and plays to arrive on the West End. While some say that the results were predictable, we here in the States were particularly excited to see hometown favorite Gavin Creel snag Best Actor in a Musical for his performance in Book of Mormon. Nominated twice for a Tony Award (Thoroughly Modern Millie, Hair), we had the opportunity to interview Creel back in 2012 and have been following his trajectory to stardom ever since. Another exciting win was the smashing revival of Merrily We Roll Along.

Here’s a full list of this year’s winners:

MasterCard Best New Musical
Book of Mormon


Best Actress in a Musical
Zrinka Cvitešić, Once

Best Actor in a Musical
Gavin Creel, Book of Mormon


Best Performance in a Supporting Role in a Musical
Stephen Ashfield, Book of Mormon


Bernadette Peters performing at the 2014 Olivier Awards (photo: Alastaire Muir) via The Broadway Blog.

Bernadette Peters performing at the 2014 Olivier Awards (photo: Alastair Muir) via The Broadway Blog.

Autograph Sound Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music
Once, Martin Lowe for composition & arrangements, Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová for music & lyrics

Best Director
Lyndsey Turner, Chimerica


Best Theatre Choreographer
Casey Nicholaw, Book of Mormon


Outstanding Achievement in an Affiliate Theatre
Handbagged, Tricycle Theatre

Outstanding Achievement in Opera
English Touring Opera for its brave and challenging touring productions at the Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House

Best New Opera Production
Les Vêpres Siciliennes, Royal Opera House

Best Musical Revival
Merrily We Roll Along


Best New Comedy
Jeeves & Wooster In Perfect Nonsense


BBC Radio 2 Audience Award
Les Misérables


American Airlines Best New Play


Best Actress
Lesley Manville, Ghosts


Best Actor
Rory Kinnear, Othello


Outstanding Achievement in Dance
Michael Hulls for his body of lighting work including Ballet Boyz – The Talent at Sadler’s Wells

Best New Dance Production
Eastman – Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui & Sadler’s Wells for Puz/zle at Sadler’s Wells


XL Video Award for Best Set Design
Es Devlin, Chimerica


Best Costume Design
Mark Thompson, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Best Entertainment & Family
The Wind in the Willows


Best Sound Design
Carolyn Downing, Chimerica
Gareth Owen, Merrily We Roll Along


White Light Award for Best Lighting Design
Tim Lutkin & Finn Ross, Chimerica
Paul Pyant and Jon Driscoll, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Sharon D. Clarke, The Amen Corner


Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Jack Lowden, Ghosts


Best Revival

We Love You Broadway, Part III

February 12th, 2013 Comments off

For today’s picks of the best Broadway love songs, I turned to Duncan Stewart and Company, one of Broadway’s hottest up and coming casting agencies. Duncan Stewart and Benton Whitley have a keen eye for talent and are responsible for all of those unexpected star turns in the revival of Chicago. Other projects include the Tony award-winning revival of La Cage aux Folles and the much-anticipated revival of Pippin directed by Diane Paulus.

Duncan Stewart and Company was profiled in the June 2012 issue of Passport Magazine. Their meteoric rise on the New York theater scene is no surprise given their introspective takes on what makes for a great Broadway ballad. Here’s what they have to say…

Duncan’s Picks

“I love complicated love songs — ones that pull at the heartstrings and move me, yes, but the ones that really induce heartache are the songs that deal with both love and loss.”

“Goodbye Old Girl,” Damn Yankees
“This song has moved me since when I was young. A man loves his wife, yes, but he also needs to leave her to discover and re-awaken something in himself that has been missing for years. As his wife sleeps upstairs, he pens her a note, ‘Goodbye, old girl. My old girl. When you awaken I’ll be gone. Can’t tell you where I go, It isn’t fair, I know but trust in me and carry on.’

At the end of the song he sings, ‘Our love will keep old girl, till then, my old girl, goodbye.’ While in complete distress, Meg seems to understand that her husband has gone to find ‘himself’ and holds the torch for his ultimate return. I believe Meg and Joe are soul mates and that this kind of love is true, messy, complicated and unconditional… and in the biggest sense of the word, isn’t that what ‘love’ is all about?”


“How Could I Ever Know,” The Secret Garden
“A perfect example of love’s eternal flame. Archibald, in despair, cries out to the universe (and to the spirit of his deceased love, Lily) ‘How in the world, tell me how in the world, can I live without your love?’ Just as he is about to utter the word ‘gone’ she appears in a vision to calm him. Coming back from the grave to comfort the love of her life, Lily sings a most beautiful melody — that both lovingly soothes and reassures him: ‘How could I know I would never hold you? Never again in this world, but oh – sure as you breathe I am there inside you…”

“True love that lasts is not about cards, candy, flowers or heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate. True love transcends struggles and strife, uplifting, beholding and celebrating both parties (as individuals and as a coupled unit) and yes, carrying on in eternity.”

Take the jump for Benton’s picks…
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SHOW FOLK: Gavin Creel on Gay Marriage, Loving Audra & Very Bad Dogs

April 11th, 2012 Comments off

Gavin Creel at Birdland. Photo by Monica Simoes.

Two-time Tony-nominee Gavin Creel is on a roll–and it’s rolling him into a theater near you. Producers just announced that he’ll be playing the lead in the first national tour of the smash hit The Book of Mormon. But that’s just the latest in a string of bold moves for the charming and handsome Creel. From a new pop album to his groundbreaking work for marriage equality with Broadway Impact, he’s long been winning hearts and minds far beyond the Great White Way.

Two months ago (and sadly before I could grill him about Mormon), I caught up with Creel via phone to interview him for the May issue of “Passport Magazine” (hitting newsstands any day now). However, we had so much to chat about and so much that was too juicy for the print edition, it couldn’t be contained in one article–so I thought I’d share the extras here. Serious or silly, whether discussing his own wedding dreams or his codependent relationship with his dog, Creel proves why he’ll always be one of our favorite leading men…

Hi Gavin. How are you doing?

I’m good. I’m literally standing on a marina in Key West so I’m going to step outside so we can have a little chatty poo.

I’m sorry to interrupt; I didn’t realize it was vacation time.

I’m not on vacation; I’m doing a Broadway Across America concert. Doing a little presentation for eleven new musicals for next season. Just coming down to sing a song. I literally flew in an hour and a half ago and am flying out tomorrow morning.

Fun times.

Crazy. That’s the life of being a show business whore.

[laughter] Honestly, the first thing I have to do is thank you. My partner and I of eleven years just got engaged last week.

Oooh! Congratulations!

It truly is because of people like you that we were able to do this.

I appreciate that; it’s very kind of you but I’m not getting married or engaged yet so it’s people like you who are doing it. Even though we’re still fighting for the rights it takes people like you to do it, to stand up and face all the stupid that might come your way even though it’s legal.

Have you had a chance to attend any weddings since it became legal in New York?

No gay weddings yet.

None! Oh no…

I’ll be looking for the invite.

It’s in the mail now.


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“Death” Opens, Creel Streams & More Theater News

March 15th, 2012 Comments off

Andrew Garfield & Finn Wittrock in "Death of a Salesman". Photo by Brigitte Lacombe.

It’s raining men in a drenched round-up of the week’s theater headlines:

  • Gavin Creel. Photo by Monica Simoes.

    Supporting the March 20 release of his new album Get Out, my imaginary boyfriend and double Tony-nominee Gavin Creel will perform two sold out concerts at Joe’s Pub March 19. For those of us who don’t have tickets (or who are barred from attending because of restraining orders), the wonders of modern technology will allow us to watch it all via livestream on the web, Monday night at 9:30.

  • Remember the Ricky Martin video where everyone is dancing around in a sexy deluge? Well, it was like that (except not so sexy, I assume) on the stage of Martin’s revival of Evita when a fire safety mechanism misfired and drenched the stage after the first preview Monday night. The Tuesday night and Wednesday matinee performances were canceled for clean-up and a rehearsal.

Broadway’s Gavin Creel Pays Tribute to Whitney Houston

February 14th, 2012 Comments off

The passing of pop music superstar Whitney Houston was a sad loss for everyone, including members of the Broadway community. Two-time Tony nominee Gavin Creel (Hair) posted this song on YouTube and it struck a chord. Here’s how Creel explains the positive influence Whitney Houston had on his life: :

She was my absolute favorite singer growing up, and I used to be made fun of for that. In 1987, an 11-year-old boy was supposed to have pictures of cars or baseball players on his bedroom wall…not a huge poster of Whitney Houston. Last summer while I was writing songs for my next record, I kept hearing about all these young boys who were getting pushed around, like I had been, for liking things ‘boys weren’t supposed to like,’ but I was also hearing that some of those boys decided life wasn’t worth living anymore.

I wanted to write a song to tell those kids about the woman who helped me through my tough time as a fruity little dude… about the woman who sang me through those crap junior high school years…a song about the music that made me feel happier, fuller, better. And, as I wrote it, I dreamt of getting to play it for her one day.

I never in a million years thought we would get the news we got yesterday. I just can’t believe it. It’s so heartbreakingly tragic that someone so iconic and inspiring to so many, was also so tortured.

We wrote and recorded this song last year to honor Whitney. I hope now it can serve as my own tribute to her memory.

I was a fruity little dude, too. I knew every word of “How Will I Know” and had mastered the choreography in the video. So, when the Princess of Pop covered “I Know Him So Well” from the musical Chess on her second album, it made me feel like maybe even my music theater loving side could be cool, too. How could show tunes be bad if Whitney loved them?

So, thank you, Whitney. Here’s a video of her performing that song with her mother, Cissy Houston:

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