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TO SEE OR NOT TO SEE: “The Heiress” (& “Glengarry” Delay)

November 7th, 2012 Comments off

Every first Wednesday of the month, get caught up with what’s on stage with our review round-up. And that vaguely hollow, clinking sound you hear at the end of each segment? That’s me tossing in my two cents. This month, an old classic takes another turn around the square…

Jessica Chastain & Dan Stevens in "The Heiress". Photo by Joan Marcus.


The classic adaptation of Henry James’ story of a plain rich girl preyed upon by a gold digger is revived with an all-star cast including Oscar-nominee Jessica Chastain.

“Yes, it’s Masterpiece Theater on Broadway.” New York Times

“…the 1850-set story is built so sturdily that even a fitful revival like the one that opened last night still holds our attention.” New York Post

“…Moises Kaufman’s masterfully helmed production is everything you want from a Class A revival.” Variety

“[Chastain gives] a nuanced, compassionate performance that bodes well for the actress’ future, on stage and off.” USA Today Read more…

VIP ACCESS: Inside the Tony Awards Nominating Committee

February 22nd, 2012 Comments off

Every fourth Wednesday of the month, the “VIP Access” column will serve up advice on how to make your theater-going experiences cheaper, easier and more fulfilling with inside scoop from the experts. This month, we’re taking you behind the curtain of one of the most unusual aspects of the Tony Awards…

The Tony Award. Image via Google.

All the talk about the Academy Awards this week got me thinking; I know how people get nominated for the Oscars, but who decides the nominees for Broadway’s Tony Awards?

Unlike the large bodies that determine the Oscar and Emmy nominations, the Tony Nominating Committee turns out to be a very select (i.e. shockingly small) group of theater professionals who serve overlapping three-year terms and are required to see every Broadway show each year, then vote by secret ballot for their choices. Chosen by the Awards administrators, the panel is made up of people reflecting a wide range of theatrical disciplines.

Although the 2011-2012 panel was initially announced as a 35 member committee, as of January 12, the committee is down to 28 members (one assumes due to a schedule change keeping them from seeing all shows or a large conflict of interest that forces them to recuse themselves.) And who are these very influential people with the power to change careers? Let’s take a look at the list [I’ll toss in some insider dish or random thoughts about a few of them in brackets]: Read more…